Product Manager Interview Questions


New Updates (3rd Dec, 2021)

  1. Estimate the number of WhatsApp messages sent in a day?
  2. Evaluating the success of the reactions feature on LinkedIn

1. Product Design

  1. Design a fridge for kids
  2. Design a feature that propels mentorship on LinkedIn
  3. Design an ATM for blind people
  4. Design TikTok
  5. Design a communication app for kids
  6. Design product to encourage voting
  7. Design product for moving city
  8. Design a product around movies for Facebook
  9. Design a gardening app

2. Product Improvement

  1. Improve Whatsapp
  2. Improve LinkedIn jobs marketplace
  3. Improve Spotify's social feature
  4. Improve Google Maps
  5. Improve Facbook birthday feature
  6. Improve how people find doctors

3. Root Cause Analysis

  1. Youtube watch time is down. Why?
  2. DAU of home service booking platform has dropped by 35%. Why?
  3. Flipkart cart addition has dropped by 40%. Why?
  4. Uninstall has risen on a banking app. Why?

4. Guess Estimate

  1. How many Google docs are created every day ?
  2. Estimate the number of ATMs in India
  3. Estimate the daily revenue of McDonald's stores
  4. How many drivers exist in San Fransisco?
  5. Estimate the market size for self driving cars in 2025
  6. Estimate Pixel Phone Storage

5. Metrics

  1. Define metrics for FB marketplace
  2. How will you define success for TikTok?
  3. How will you measure success of banking app?
  4. Define north star metrics for Google Calendar
  5. What metrics you would look at to improve retention of a fitness app?
  6. How will you set goals for Facebook Live?

6. Product Strategy

  1. Improve monetisation of bill boards
  2. How will you grow AirBnb experience?
  3. How will Google Photos PM react to Amazon new store free unlimited photos product?
  4. What's your 10 years product strategy for Netflix?
  5. How will you build a new social platform for dating?
  6. How would you position YouTube against Instagram and Snapchat??

6. Product Execution

  1. Tips to solve execution question
  2. 40% of Netflix users are inactive. What will you do?
  3. Instagram story engagement is down. How will you fix this?
  4. Order delivery on Instacart has dropped by 4%. Why?

7. Bonus

  1. How to answer - Tell me about yourself?
  2. How should I negotiate my salary?
  3. How to ace behavarioual / situational interview?
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